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Bioscreen International Products

Founded in 2001 by Mario Pelletier with thirty years of screen printing experience. BioScreen International Is a leader in this domain. With its used equipment, department of streching frame, large range of products related to screen printing and especially with the line of cleaning products BIODEGRADABLE.

The products we manufacture are designed in accordance with the most strict environmental standards.

The global worrying environment.

With the Bioscreen International Products, you are participating in the global mission on environmental protection.

You use cleaning products for your screen printing frames, these are surely damaging to the environment and therefore health.

At BioScreen we have the solution

A GREEN SOLUTION biodegradable.

A GREEN SOLUTION in just three (3) steps.

A GREEN SOLUTION with the products, which will save you time and money, while retaining the mesh of your frames as new. This is why our products are used by several major screen printing companies in North America.

Do not hesitate to contact us to replace your current products and switch to GREEN with Bioscreen International Products.


BioScreen vs Competition

On the right side of the frame we used the Bioscreen cleaning product on the left side of the frame we used the product of the competition. The results are amazing. Do not hesitate, contact us for a demonstration or to order our cleaning products.