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BIOHaze ™

1 and 3, Haze and Ghost remover. BIO Haze is non flammable, water soluble, water rinsable, biodegradable Haze and Ghost remover, it replaces highly caustic pastes and is gentel on the screen mesh while being very effective on locked stains .

  • Biodegradable
  • Fast, efficient removal of haze
  • Pleasant odor
  • Safe when used according to directions
  • Low cost per usage
Available in
  • Extra strong blend
  • Regular blend
  • Very efficient for diazo stains

EMULSION REMOVAL: HAZE AND GHOST REMOVAL: Apply BIOHaze to both sides of the screen (applying on DRY screen if possible) let air dry 5 to 10 minutes (using a fan betters the results); after 10 minutes apply the BIOWash over the BIOHaze and let it work 5 to 10 minutes, afterwards, pre rinse with low pressure cold water (garden hose) to remove the cleaners. Now remove any residues with cold water using a high-pressure water system in a LEFT TO RIGHT motion starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Turn screen around and high pressure wash this side. This while remove 5% to 20% more stains.

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